Return Policy

Reasons for Non-Delivery of Packages

There are various reasons why a package remains undelivered and is sent back to the seller. Some of them are as follows:

  • The customer is not available to receive the package.
  • The customer denies the delivery of the package.
  • The address or other relevant information of the buyer is incorrect.
  • The door/ premise/ office is closed.
  • Failure in re-attempt for delivery


The next obvious question that arises in your mind – how is this RTO process carried forward?

In most of the cases, the package isn’t immediately returned to the seller’s original address. Once the order has been given a non-delivered status from the courier, the following course of actions take place:

  • Most of the re-attempt delivery of the order, at most 3 times.
  • The courier/ seller calls the customer and asks for a favorable delivery time.
  • Some of the couriers also send a text message or an IVR call to the customer, to know whether they would want to receive the parcel or decline it.
  • If the customer is not reachable by either of the methods or declines the order, an RTO is generated.
  • The order is then sent back to the seller’s registered address.

Return to Origin or RTO is classified into four categories depending on their nature.

  • Reship immediately and expect a return.
  • Reship immediately and don’t expect a return.
  • Wait for return and reship.
  • Wait for return and cancel.

Usually, if the recipient is not available, the courier company will make some more attempts and try to call the recipient. If the recipient does not respond even, the courier company marks the shipment as RTO and returns it to the shipper’s .

The entire return process depends on the contract between the shipper and the courier partner. There is also a shipping charge levied on RTO orders, which in most of cases is borne by the seller. However, if you are using a logistics partner such as, these charges are reduced to a minimum.

Alternatively, you can also price your products in such a way that these shipping margins are incorporated.  You can know more about . The key to delivering your package smartly is to ship your package via a reliable courier partner and monitor your buyer behavior closely.